23 benefits of playing video games

  1. Learn to drive for free without danger to thy self
  2. Tech-savvy know how to handle computer hardware software drivers learn to keep up to date with tech news, broaden your interest scope
  3. Learn finance, manage virtual money, resources. keep track and develop efficient ways to get more resources.
  4. Learn navigation — gaming makes the player learn the paths to walk. how to travel between places, remember landmark, avoid pitfalls.
  5. Long-distance relations — learn to get new friends and keep in touch with long relatives over a session of co-op video gaming. Improves bond and creates shared memories.
  6. Second income — broad cast services for games have become in late 2010s as an entertainment. Favorite players get promotion deals, merch, and payed to play by the channel subscribers
  7. Travel the world to compete — excel in a competitive game and get drafted to world competition teams. Travel the world and play on huge arenas for real prizes. Millions of dollars in prizes have already been granted to successful players
  8. Forget cello lessons — forget your commute to and from the after hour lessons with your kids. Cello, soccer, karate practice — if they don’t like it, invest 1 of that 3 hours (1 driving there , 1 sitting waiting, 1 driving back). Reduce the grunt and spend time together playing family or whatever makes you tick games.
  9. Upgrade man cave
  10. Make the game time family time — toss your chatting aside during big family unions, take a “Dance battle” showdown between all the members.
  11. Hold complex modules in mind
  12. Practice memory
  13. Achieve non trivial goals — Progressing thru the levels of a video game character can give a positive boost about goal setting and achieving. The goal is to be consistent and train and achieve next levels of mastery
  14. Learn to solve puzzles — video games are full of puzzles: how to get to a specific place, what needs to be done in which order to achieve the set goal, actual puzzles mechanical or others that appear in that specific setting will make your brain able to handle these challenges in real life
  15. Be a detective researcher — Playing “quest” video games makes the player aware to clues that are left around the game to promote the narrative, achieve a goal, find something or some one in the game. Makes the player deduct from clues and talking to non playable characters in the game to construct the big picture of case to be solved.
  16. Be an architect — playing minecraft, fortnite and etc games, makes the player to address structural issues of building. How to fortify, what is the best design to suite your needs. Materials, costs, resources and time. Planning and executing, revising the plans and rebuilding.
  17. Improve verbal problem solution — games present most of problems in text or audio dialog form. The player heads the quest and deduces action plan.
  18. Bitcoin revolution — the invention of graphical processors, made the bitcoin revolution feasible. The structure of the chips made that specific problem handling, faster than conventional central processing units.
  19. Improving vision — playing video games actually improves sight perception. Mainly in areas of distinguishing gray levels — training the most common receptor in the eye. Also tracking movement and distinguishing small details.
  20. Improving attention — In test of tracking moving objects average adult can track up to 3–4 object. A moderate video gamer can track up to 6–7, which is 100% improvement.
    Also gamers are good resolving conflicts i.e. Reading the word “red” that is written with blue ink, in fast reading test. Average person would instinctively read the color not the word.
  21. Multitasking on action games — a gamer is orchestrating hand eye movement, using both hands and multiple fingers to manipulate the game. Even some times the feet and in “extreme” cases the whole body becomes a game controller e.g. physio therapy games
  22. Rotation test — In test recognizing 3D objects in rotated form, an average person, after only 10 hours of playing action video games, subjects improved to 180% the ability and retained it for 5 months when retested
  23. Optimistic — the gamer is optimistic. No mater how many times it takes to conquer the game, a gamer will not concede to the difficulty. A gamer will persevere and complete the task. It makes the video gamer more optimistic as a whole and help them thru life challenges. They know if they try a little more, give another try, they will succeed.



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Alexander Luria

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