Hello dear reader,

I am Alex, and I am a video gamer since as long as I remember having my first calculation DIY kit. My dad assembled it in our home back in Russia, the year was 1989. It was a keyboard, with a tape cassette player/recorder, hooked through an audio port, which uploaded in most horrifying sounds known to men, my first video game ‘Rick Dangerous’ from Atari. During that summer I was glued to the screen. My dad would set up the rig before he would go out to work, and I would play for hours, until my little 7-year-old fingers hurt, from the DIY joystick.

Fast forward to the year 1992, after hard relocation to Israel, my dad invested all of his scares resources to buy a game machine, an old XT rig. ‘Digger’ was working extra hours that year. I and my dad took turns playing that game, cheering each other up and holding our breath to take the turn at the seat, to try and win the high scores.

That connection with my dad is to this day going strong. All the new games, all the new hardware talks, what is the best technique to play some game, from that video game dawn is a major part of our bond.

In that far away era, eSports was something unheard of. Investing in perfecting the video gameplay was something to avoid. A horrible addiction.

This year I watched from the sidelines, as a league of teenage gamers, that acquired faith and blessing of their parents went to the greatest events in eSports. Some of them went out with a total in the prize pool of 25 million US dollars.

This faith and bond with their parents have produced an infinite return on investment.

Prepare for the future, because the 2020 Olympics will include eSports.

See you in the next blog.

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Veteran Front end developer. Obsessing over ROI development. Addicted to online FPS. Rehabing from Hack and Slash.

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Alexander Luria

Alexander Luria

Veteran Front end developer. Obsessing over ROI development. Addicted to online FPS. Rehabing from Hack and Slash.

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